It’s with sunburns and blisters that I’m coming back from l'Isle Verte where a bunch of friends and I embarked on the most biblical journey we ever had : crossing the St-Lawrence river… on foot. Well, not the whole river, obviously, but a small chunk of it that was partially walkable at low tide. We joined some 300 people who all did le sentier de la Bouette, an annual event that promotes the small island that is Isle Verte.

Needless to say this was pretty amazing. Not only the trek itself but the island as well which had some of the best sceneries I’ve seen in a while and the nicest people. While visiting the island, we stumbled across a bunch of amateur radio operators who we’re competing on a worldwide contest called Islands on the Air. They had 48 hours to contact as much islands as they could across the globe using radio waves, usually only giving their coordinates and moving to another frequency at a rapid pace.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I’ll post pictures as soon as I develop my film.