I’ve been a huge metal fan since my teen years. I’ve diversified my taste a whole lot since then but I still have a sweet spot for distortion, screams and blastbeats. So anyway, Sherbrooke’s Gorguts visited my hometown last December. They’ve been making the headlines lately with their latest album, Colored Sands, making year-end top 10 lists everywhere. This is an awesome comeback for frontman Luc Lemay who had postponed the project for a long time following the death of drummer Steve MadDonald.

They showed up around 11pm, pounding their way through “Le Toit du Monde” and ended up playing the entire Colored Sands album. The aggressive yet groovy “Enemies of Compassion” got my head bouncing up and down as were the show’s closer classics “Inverted” and “Obscura”. They could have benefited from a better venue and, perhaps consequently, from better sound, but Luc Lemay and his crew delivered the goods that night.

Props to my buddies in Unbreakable Hatred who opened the show and delivered a good dose of crushing riffs.