I’ve been experimenting with Raspberry Pis for the last couple of months now. I have two ongoing projects and these little things never cease to amaze me.

My first idea was to build a micro Super Nintendo to carry around. A lot of people have had the same idea in the last years and so I managed to get it working without too much problems. RetroPie, EmulationStation and the overall Raspbian community made it all very easy to get it up running. I ended up 3D-printing a case I found on Thingiverse (it’s not a SNES, but it’ll do the job). This Pi has a 64GB SD card which can pack a lot a whole lot of ROMs (all legal, of couse). Surprisingly, I’ve been able to run PS1 games without too much hassle (Twisted Metal, baby!!). N64 games have been challenging though, hope I can fix that in the next few weeks. 

The other thing I’m working on is a video streaming computer. With the camera module attached, this Pi’s job is to encode a video feed then transfer it to a remote server who then streams the data to users. We’re currently using it to monitor our 3D printer and make sure it doesn’t do anything crazy overnight. I have followed this quick tutorial to make it work and I’m currently releasing some code based on what I learned in the last few weeks.