Albatros’ music is now available on iTunes, Rdio, Spotify and much more. The decision came up after my girlfriend asked me why she couldn’t find us on Rdio (she’s been a subscriber for a couple of years now). We never really thought about this since most people just listen to our stuff on Bandcamp or buy our records. But we agreed it might be cool to see if we could reach new (or old) fans with these new services.

After comparing a couple of online music distributors, DistroKid really struck a chord with its low fees (20$ per year, unlimited songs) and the number of services covered.

The Musician plan sounded great at first but some things bothered me like :

  • You can’t enter on which label your album came out (which isn’t a big deal if you’re independent);
  • BUT : DistroKid puts their name as the label of the album, which kinda sucks, I’d rather have no label at all;
  • You can’t choose when your album came out (we currently have three over the past 6 years);

So that pushed me to remove all of our albums from the store (you can’t update anything you already pushed to the stores) and to re-upload them after upgrading to the Musician Plus plan (35$ per year) which gives us more flexibility over the label name and the release date.

You can then push it further and sign up for the Rdio Artist Program and Spotify VIP Account which allows you to customize your artist page on these services.

All of this is right on time for our next release, which should come out any day now, and our Canadian tour which starts in two weeks.