Time flies. It’s already been two weeks since I came back from Albatros’ Canadian tour. Still can’t believe how lucky I was to play with such great bands every night and how awesome/helpful everyone has been to us during those two weeks. Some highlights, in no particular order :

  • did an epic 18 hour drive through the night from Kenora to Sudbury;
  • met the coolest dudes in the Premier Boating Destination, 1971;
  • broke my phone playing rip-someone’s-head-off-with-a-football;
  • totally unexpected, but Veneers blew my mind in Toronto, they sound really good;
  • started and ended the tour with our soul mates in Worst Gift;
  • had some fun with Johnny the Amish in Kelowna (not, what a dork);
  • did not abide to my self-imposed cigarette quota;
  • froze my fucking ass off camping in the Rockies;
  • had breakfast, like, all the time;
  • probably ate too much A&W;
  • saw a bandmate puke in a plastic cookie box while driving back to Quebec;
  • Winnipeg is fucking weird.

Will post some pics as soon as I get a hold of them.