It’s been a couple of weeks since we launched our latest big project : The Amazing Race Contest for Mentos.

This is the second time in as many years Cossette Québec’s team is working with Montréal’s team on building this annual summer contest. It was a whole lot of work and it is without a doubt the biggest project we’ve done as a distributed team.

Over that last few months, Québec’s web development team has been working more and more with other teams across Canada which has been really fun. Working in a multilingual environment, often across several timezones and with not many face-to-face discussions has been challenging that’s for sure, but we’re making the most of it.

Google Hangouts is an absolute must for us. Most of our rooms are equipped with Chrome boxes which allow us to video call anyone in the world.

Slack has been a new addition to our stack recently and it’s starting to gain some traction. It’s so great for chatting and just sharing files. On one hand we have “catchall” channels which are used for ramblings and random GIF sharing. On the other hand, we have project channels which are more serious (kinda) and help us keeping track of our team’s daily progress.

For project management, Basecamp is still our go-to solution. It’s not perfect but it works. And pretty much anyone can master it after a couple of hours working with it.

Trello is probably something we should look at more seriously at, just like a multitude of other “productivity” products out there. Each new software we’re presented with is always given a good dose of skepticism : will it really be useful or is it just more background noise preventing me from being productive? I’m sure we’ll refine our work methods with time, but less is usually more when you want to get stuff done.