After 10 years, I’m finally closing my Dreamhost account. Back in 2006, I registered on Dreamhost to host my personal website which I hoped would spark my career in the web development field. I was fresh out of school and everyone was talking how Dreamhost was super cheap and had more to offer than any other web hosts out there, so I obviously jumped on the train.

It served me well, for the most part. But the fact of the matter is that my account is now mostly used to hosts small websites for friends that needed a space and that I have little to no personal things left there. The fall of the Canadian dollar also had a lot to do with me moving out of Dreamhost. I found a lot of cheaper or free alternatives for most of the things I needed :

- CanHost for domain registration : I transferred most of my domains to them just to be able to pay in Canadian dollars. Paying 20$ for a domain renewal just didn’t make sense anymore.

- Mailgun for email forwarding : along with my domains, I had a couple of email addresses that needed to be forwarded to some of my friends. Mailgun offers 10 000 free email sending per month which is more than enough for my needs

- GitHub Pages for hosting : for static pages, you get free project hosting and free web hosting, what’s not to like?

- SquareSend for email forms : GitHub pages obviously has it’s limitations, but SquareSend does a decent job in terms of contact forms which is usually the only dynamic part of my smaller projects. They also have a free plan.

- OVH for serious business : I was really impressed with their VPS SSD and moved some of my more serious projects there. It’s lightning fast, cheap and you can pay in Canadian dollars which, again, makes a lot of sense for me.